Helping you build great Rapidweaver websites

We can help you build a beautiful website with Rapidweaver

As Rapidweaver fans of long-standing (we began back on version 3.7, if anyone's counting) we've grown to love building websites with this great piece of software and its various plugins and add-ons. But as much as we enjoy the speed at which Rapidweaver can build great standards-compliant, responsive websites, we also understand that not everyone feels the same - and over the years we've spoken to plenty of people who've started out using Rapidweaver with high hopes, only to run out of steam.

The result? Unfinished sites, ones that need a final polish, sites that are hard to find on Google or are missing key components, load slowly or have broken links, dodgy navigation, no privacy policies, contact forms that merrily send messages into oblivion instead of delivering them...the list goes on.

If any of that sounds familiar, and you have a Rapidweaver site that's in need of some TLC, then you've come to right place.

Here are some of the ways we can help you build a professional website using Rapidweaver.

Revive an old site

If you've got an old site that doesn't look so good on mobile devices or you want to add social links, or a blog, a quiz, a shop or a fancy portfolio, but aren't sure how to do it - we're here to help. We've used 100s of Rapidweaver add-ons - and are on first name terms with most of the developers. Oh, and we speak English too, not geek...

Help you build your site

Starting from scratch? We can help you choose the add-ons you need (and avoid the ones you don't) pick the right theme and then help you put it all together. Once the site is published, you can run it yourself, adding new content and features whenever you like - though we'll be on hand if you need us.

Fix specific problems

Got the SEO blues? Bits of content that don't quiet work? Missing site map? Pages loading slowly? Strange characters appearing where they shouldn't? We can help to sort things out. Or maybe you've got some pesky, complicated content and can't quite work out how to present it clearly and elegantly...

Hang on, what's Rapidweaver?

Good question. It's a web design program that was created in Brighton, England, just down the road from us - probably on this very beach. It runs on Apple Macs and lets you build and publish standards-compliant, responsive websites that look great. So, if you're after an attractive website on a budget - around £200.00 - £300.00 should get you everything you need - that you can update yourself, Rapidweaver is a fantastic choice.

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