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Why not Wordpress?

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That's a fair question. After all, WordPress is the power behind millions (tens of millions, hundreds?) of websites all over the world, so it must be doing something right, right? Well, we've tried to love WordPress. We've built sites with it, but in the end we've come to the conclusion that while it's an extraordinary feat of coding, there are too many things about it that we just plain don't like. Walk this way and we'll tell you exactly what they are.

A quick wash and brush up

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Andrew Ostler from Expert Sleepers got in touch to ask for some help in "sprucing up our website". The company - which makes hardware and plugins for recording studios - had spent quite a bit of time building a website using one of the free themes included with Rapidweaver, together with the built-in page types; mainly the HTML page and the Blog page. They were keen to update the front page to make it easier for visitors to find products as well being able to add some extras like a Privacy Policy.

Helping with a Rapidweaver website

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Composer, musician, looper and guitar teacher John Sherry got in touch with us recently regarding his Rapidweaver site. John had built it himself and while he'd managed to get part of the way there, he didn't feel it did him - or the services he offers - justice. This was a perfect case use for Rapidweaver Help, so we sat down with John over Zoom and got to work, first on what he was hoping to achieve and then on the structure of the site.

Less is more

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When you start using Rapidweaver, all the different page types and options can be a bit overwhelming. We've long believed that getting started with Rapidweaver requires that you master one important skill - learning that less is more. This is undoubtedly the best way to start using Rapidweaver because it will help you to produce clean, uncluttered pages that get your message across.

Choosing the right theme

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To build a website using Rapidweaver, you need to use a theme. The program comes with some themes built-in, but there are plenty of third party alternatives to choose from as well. It's important to spend a bit of time researching themes and then going through the demos on the developers' sites to make sure that it's going to behave the way you want it to.
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