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Andrew Ostler from Expert Sleepers got in touch to ask for some help in "sprucing up our website". The company - which makes hardware and plugins for recording studios - had spent quite a bit of time building a website using one of the free themes included with Rapidweaver, together with the built-in page types; mainly the HTML page and the Blog page. They were keen to update the front page to make it easier for visitors to find products as well being able to add some extras like a Privacy Policy.

  • first we advised them to upgrade to the professional version of the free theme they were using - Voyager Pro which offers more options for customisation
  • then we recommended that they buy the Stacks plugin both for these updates and so they can extend the site's functionality in the future
  • next we used Yabdab's Filter stack to create the grid on the front page which lets visitors find the products they're interested in more easily; and recommended Elixir's Flat Button 2 stack for the buttons.
  • we moved the Blog page away from the home page and added a bit of Javascript to create a simple feed from the blog that appears on the home page, so that as the blog is updated, new stories are flagged on the home page
  • we added some custom CSS to the site to display the word 'MENU' next to the hamburger menu
  • we added an empty Privacy page and set up Rapidweaver's built-in Cookie pop up

""Rob helped me drag my website kicking and screaming into the current decade. He clearly knows Rapidweaver inside out. He was professional and a pleasure to deal with." ANDREW OSTLER


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