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Choosing the right theme

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The first thing to understand about using a theme to build your website is that it's going to limit your design choices. If you're just starting out - or if you don't know anything about design - this is a good thing. The people who build Rapidweaver themes know their stuff and will pick a selection of fonts, colours, menu styles and other bits of screen 'furniture' that fit together properly and will work well across a range of different devices and screen sizes.

This saves you a tremendous amount of effort, so it's worth taking the time to choose the right theme.

The big things to consider are:

  • do you want your menu to run along the top of the website, down one side or appear as a full-screen overlay?
  • what do you want the mobile menu to look like?
  • what kind of typography and colour scheme do you want (do you have to fit in with your existing brand, for example)?
  • do you want it to be a single page site that keeps scrolling down or have multiple, different pages?
  • and how much money do you want to spend - most themes start at £20.00, but prices range from $20.00 to $80.00

We don't necessarily want to recommend one theme developer over another, so instead, here's a selection of themes we've used that represent a few of the typical styles on offer.

Strata is a great example of a flexible theme that includes a vertical menu
Natural shows a theme with a large 'hero' banner and a mobile-style menu that's also used for desktop devices
Voyager Pro has a similar layout but clicking on the menu opens a full-screen overlay menu on all devices
Flood is a brilliant example of a super-simple theme that can be used to create all sorts of different sites
Streamline meanwhile is a theme that's designed to showcase visuals and has excellent typography

This is just a small selection of the kinds of pre-built themes you can buy for Rapidweaver.


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