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Unlike many other website builders like WordPress, Squarespace, Weebly and Wix, Rapidweaver runs on your Mac - not the Internet. That means you build your website on the Mac, store it on the Mac (just like a Word document) test it on the Mac and then when it's ready, upload it to its home on the Internet.

Rapidweaver uses themes to create websites. These are pre-designed templates that include navigation, fonts, colour schemes, icons and other bits of on-screen 'furniture' that help you build a website. On top of that there are 100s of extras you can add like contact forms, slideshows, galleries, light-boxes, shops, blogs, and lots, lots, more; in fact over the years Rapidweaver has developed into a highly sophisticated way to build responsive, standards-compliant websites.

Here's how you build a website:

  1. Pick a theme (there are 100s). All good theme developers have extensive previews, so go through these thoroughly to make sure you like the colours, font choices, design options and so on used by your chosen theme
  2. Buy the theme, download and install it and then open Rapidweaver and choose the theme you just bought
  3. Create your pages - for example, Home, About, Services, Blog, Contact
  4. Add your screen 'furniture' - for example banners, social icons, phone numbers, email addresses etc. that you'd like to appear on every page
  5. Add your content - text, photos, special features like a shop, blog a page of FAQs and so on
  6. Sort out all the behind the scenes stuff like your email address, credits, business information, postal address, privacy policy, and all the extra information that makes it easier for search engines to find your site, and for people to share your web pages effectively on social media
  7. Buying hosting (essentially storage) for your website and then upload it to your host
  8. Check the site thoroughly on computers and mobile devices like smartphones and tablets

Now that might sound like a complex process, but it really isn't - especially with our help.

In the weeks to come we're going to be going through this list and giving you the inside info on how to make the best choices when it comes to building a great website with Rapidweaver.


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