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Why not Wordpress?

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That's a fair question. After all, WordPress is the power behind millions (tens of millions, hundreds?) of websites all over the world, so it must be doing something right, right? Well, we've tried to love WordPress. We've built sites with it, but in the end we've come to the conclusion that while it's an extraordinary feat of coding, there are too many things about it that we just plain don't like. Walk this way and we'll tell you exactly what they are.

  • is it a page or is it a post? WordPress began life as a blogging platform and underneath everything, that's still what it is. It's like Microsoft Windows 10, which may look flashy and flat and modern, but underneath all that glitz, there's still parts of the original MS-DOS code.
  • it separates content and design. Now for some people this makes perfect sense, but for others, divorcing the two is confusing and unpredictable; with Rapidweaver we can offer on-page editing where it's possible to change what you see on the screen, rather than having to go to a confusing back end.
  • it needs looking after...no really looking after because if you don't keep your plugins, themes, WordPress installation and everything else up to date, there are hackers ready and waiting to screw with your system; and because WordPress is so popular with website builders, it's equally popular with the doofuses who like to mess with them.

There's more of course, but that in a nutshell, is why we don't use WordPress. Instead, we use - and recommend - Rapidweaver, a web development program created right here in Brighton and Hove by RealMac Software.


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