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Rapidweaver uses themes - there are loads to choose from - created by experienced digital designers, so that all the hard work has been done for you. Themes include menus, footers, fonts, colour schemes, icon sets and more. They're adaptable too - so you can tweak them easily to get the look you want.


As of last year, smartphones and tablets generated over half of the website traffic in the world. Out of the box, Rapidweaver builds sites that automatically re-arrange themselves depending on the size of the visitor's screen, so they look good whether viewed on a 27" monitor or the screen of an iPhone 5s.

100s of add-ons

Although Rapidweaver on its own works fine, the magic happens when you add the Stacks plugin. This opens up a world of 100s of inexpensive addon's which enhance the look, feel and functionality of your website; adding sliders, tabs, accordions, shops, blogs, forms and much, much more.

Hang on, who are you?

Another good question. I'm Rob Beattie and I've been building sites under the banner of Hove Web Design since 2010. I've tried most of the popular web-building programs and I reckon that out of all of them, Rapidweaver offers by far the best balance when it comes to cost, power and ease of use. So if you want a good-looking standards-compliant website that works well across all platforms but you want someone else to build it for you, head on over to Hove Web Design where we'll be happy to help. But if you lke the idea of the cost-savings of doing it yourself, then drop us a line using our Contact From, outline what you're after and we'll get right back to you.

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